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Vice Chancellor

I am pleased to welcome our alumni members, future alumni and everyone to UPM's Alumni Centre Website. To future alumni, this green campus of ours is your home, and you will embark on your new life and educational journey as the students of UPM. As an alumnus of UPM, I am very happy to share with you my feelings and experience that awaits you when you enter to this Fast-Growing Research University.

I believe in the importance of the involvement of alumni in making sure that UPM will stay relevant in the international arena. Thus, when given the chance to meet UPM's distinguished and illustrious Alumni, we realised the opportunity it brings and the challenge for us to move forward in bringing change to the delivery of university's knowledge and education in the future. I am confident with the support given by concerned alumni, we are able to steer UPM to the direction of glorious legacy. One particular thing that really fuelled my feelings when becoming a UPM alumnus is the opportunity to build something that is useful and giving back to Alma mater, giving my all and doing it sincerely.

UPM Alumni should always have the sense of belonging and proud towards the Alma mater. I invite the whole campus members and the Serdang community and UPM Alumni members (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, and College of Agriculture Malaya) to come and contribute to the celebration of UPM Alumni Day 21st of May every year for us to look back on the history of the establishment and the journey of UPM. We also hope that student of UPM (future alumni) will also come to make the celebration even more meaningful and embrace the spirit of "With Knowledge We Serve". May your presence will be part of the success of this programme and also let your presence be known to the other alumni members.

I truly believe that the student of UPM (future alumni) can't wait to graduate and leave the campus, and we are confident that alumni of UPM will not lose his mark in UPM; leaving a trace of success and contribution behind. Always stay in touch with your alumni friends, sharing life experience and when the right time comes, in line with your success in life and career, lend your services as a volunteer in the UPM Alumni Chapter. The reward is priceless, not only it will be useful in your professional development, but it is also a way for you to contribute and giving back to the Alma mater.

I am taking this opportunity to wish the alumni members of UPM the best of luck and always be in touch with UPM, wherever you may be.


Vice Chancellor UPM
(Alumni Class of 1979)

Updated:: 24/11/2017 [hafzaini]


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