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  1. Perform administrative and human resources matters of the Alumni Centre (ACUPM) covering the recruitment of officers/staff and providing new job description and responsibilities of all staff.
  2. Identifying courses/training/ workshop/seminar that is suitable for all Alumni Centre's staff.
  3. Supervise and monitor all matters relating to the maintenance of buildings, equipment and landscaping of the Alumni Centre.
  4. Oversee, implement and monitor all activities & programs of Alumni Centre year-round.
  5. Managing the procedures of organisation and implementation of the activities and programs of Alumni Centre.
  6. To manage and coordinate financial affairs that include selecting suppliers, purchasing, receiving, petty cash and other financial related matters.
  7. To manage, coordinate and monitor the maintenance of Alumni Centre's assets.
  8. To manage the Occupational Health and Safety Committee of Alumni Centre.



  1. To coordinate, manage, and execute the publication of UPM's Serdang Sun twice a year.
  2. To coordinate, manage, and execute the publication of e-Newsletter UPM Alumni e-Newsletter forth a year.
  3. To coordinate, manage, and execute the publication of UPM Alumni e-Bulletin monthly.
  4. To coordinate and implement the contents of program booklet, speeches, banners, bunting and other matters related to the promotion and publicity of alumni programs conducted.
  5. To coordinate and monitor the design and layout of the program booklet content, banners, bunting and other related.
  6. To coordinate and update the development of the website and media social of Alumni Centre.
  7. To coordinate UPM Alumni Database that includes both tracking and updating data of UPM alumni.
  8. To coordinate and implement activities and programs involving alumni and students.
  9. To manage and coordinate the Quality Management System MS ISO 9001: 2008.
  10. To manage and coordinate Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (EKSA) Alumni Centre.
  11. The Secretariat of the Pak Rashid Foundation (YPR) that includes implementation of activities/programs such as YPR Public Lectures, Professional Training, Scholarships, Financial Aid and Grants Scheme Research.



  1. Manage and coordinate networking corporate sector.
  2. Manage and coordinate alumni consultation.
  3. Coordinate and manage alumni scholarships/ financial assistance of the UPM students.
  4. Coordinate, manage and organise short courses/conference/workshop.
  5. To coordinate and manage information gathered on the university's income generation through alumni contributions from respective departments in UPM.
  6. To manage the Risk Management of Alumni Centre.

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