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Alumni Strength

  • UPM has produced a total of 177,394 alumni since its first graduate from Malayan School of Agriculture until the recent years to what the institution is currently known as Universiti Putra Malaysia (1932 - 2017).


  • UPM offers its postgraduate programmes since 1981 - 2017, and the total alumni would be as follows:

18,664 Locals Graduates
5,819 International Graduates

UPM also have several Chapters of local and international active alumni:

State Level Chapter: Johore, Perak, Pahang, Kelantan, and Sarawak

Faculty Level Chapter: Agiculture, Forestry, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Modern Language and Communication, Economics and Management, Computer Science and Information Technology, Food Science and Technology, Graduate School of Management, Biotechnology and Biomolecular

College Level Chapter: Mohd Rashid, Tun Dr Ismail (FORTIGA), KOSASS, Canselor

International Alumni Chapter: Indonesia


Alumni Association Membership since 1971 - 2016: ~70,000 members


Updated:: 12/02/2018 [hafzaini]


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